Wrong Door opening …

28th of August at 22.30 on BBC Three.

Clear your diaries, take the phone off the hook, set your SkyPlus (or any other, non-branded, PVR-type system) and settle in for half an hour of CGI madness.

Or don’t, it’s up to you really.

I’m going to watch it, so’s Mandy; although she doesn’t know it yet.

And just to whet your appetite, here’s an interview with producer Jack Cheshire:


See the picture in the top right-hand corner of that interview?

That’s from one of my sketches that is.

And this is what the BBC Press Office have to say for themselves:


Is anyone else so excited they just wet themselves?


Just me then.

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15 thoughts on “Wrong Door opening …

  1. Nick Pilgrim

    Its genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects eh?

    I think somebody needs to inform us of that just once more:

    Its genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects.

    Goddamn right it is! (Pesky quote stealing press office…)

    But yes- It does look ratttther fantastic, I watched the trailers and thoroughly wet myself throughout, so I’ll be tuning in to watch.

    It all sounds very exciting really! Kudos to you Phillip-san.

  2. How embarrassed am I going to be if all my sketches get cut out at the last minute?

  3. Nick Pilgrim

    Very, particularly due to being beaten by a dinosaur that shares your own name…

  4. I am very looking forward to seeing the program as I am seen jogging in most of the episodes in a bright red track suit!!

    It was a very interesting couple of days filming being explained about the effects being added so i am very excited!!

  5. Aha! I know your ultimate fate!

  6. Really looking forward to it. I shall get Doritos and hummus in and everything.

  7. Hmm … what flavour Doritos?

  8. yeah, getting trampled on in the final episode!!! 🙂

  9. Oh…how many episodes are there in total and are they playing weekly or daily??

  10. Damn it, Daniel; now you’ve ruined it for everyone who might have watched, eagerly wondering what happens to that fella in the tracksuit.

    As far as I know it’s six, weekly episodes.

  11. Was a very vague thing mentioned but delete that comment if you are able too…

    But people can still wonder; who? how? or what by?!!

  12. True. We could run a sweepstake.

  13. Tangy Cheese. Always Tangy Cheese.

  14. Excellent. Although, personally, I’d go for a sour cream dip with them.

  15. +10

    Thank You.


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