Wrong Door, one week to go

The Wrong Door opens, one week today on the 28th at 10.30pm on BBC Three.

Excited? I am.

Here’s the review from Heat:

Pick of the Day, see? Huh, do you see? Do you?

Wait a minute.

Arnopp? ARNOPP? Four Stars?

You bastard, I paid for five!

I want a fifth of my money back.

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6 thoughts on “Wrong Door, one week to go

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  3. rich

    Awful awful show. I sat through the whole half hour last night, hoping it would get better, but it actually got worse.
    Absolutely beggars belief how this show got comissioned in the first place, but then to get to air?? Outrageous. Not one single redeeming feature – not even the guy from One FOot In The Grave or whatever he was from with teh son-in-law dinosaur.
    Surrealism can be very funny – the Wrong Door cannot.
    Pathetic. Give me my money back.

  4. Sorry, no can do. I’ve alredy spent your money on a new hat.

  5. darkdiamond

    Pity you didn’t spend it on comedy-writing lessons.

  6. I come from the future, five months from your time, with a messgae for darkdiamond and rich, “Fuck off, love Jesus.” That is all.

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