Another Wrong Door review

Four more stars from … um … you know what? I have no idea. It’s from Hello! or OK or one of those big glossy magazines which nobody reads because they only buy them to look at the pictures. It was hard to tell which one because the woman I was trying to wrestle it away from was shrieking a lot and rolling around on the floor.

Still, I managed to tear the page out, it’s a good review and I didn’t even have to bribe the reviewer! Plus, as an added extra Brucie bonus – the photo is of my sketch! Those are my characters posing in costume for whatever magazine it is! Too many exclamation marks in one paragraph!

Just to give a sense of balance, here’s a review which is slightly less positive … no, you know what? Fuck that. Only positive thoughts here.

It was quite a nice experience to peer over someone’s shoulder and see my characters peering back at me. Even nicer that it’s a good review. Although, since they’ve got the dinosaur’s name wrong, perhaps they’re not to be trusted?

Oh fuck it. Four stars, baby!

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13 thoughts on “Another Wrong Door review

  1. Dave

    I’ve got an idea for the second series. Why not have a giant bourbon biscuit pretending to be a traffic warden LOL!!! Because biscuits are inanimate and, ho ho ho!, couldn’t possibly issue parking tickets! Wacky or what?

  2. Yeah, not bad; but I think that’s more of a feature idea than a sketch. What’s the Bourbon’s motivation?

  3. daveselectricblanket

    I’d be tempted to go all Hitchcock on the Bourbon if it took that tone. It’ll do it because I tell it to.

  4. Ha! Own that biscuit, sir, own it!

  5. Heres another great idea for the second series (“Second series?. Sheesh!” – BBC3 Commissioning Editor) A group of arty-farty pseudo-scriptwriters get access to a copy of Shake CGI software on a Mac and access to some pretty half-decent actors … and a bottomless pit of cash. One pipes up “Hey … Ive got this crazy idea about a woman dating a dinosaur and she takes it home to meet her parents and it smashes the place up and eats their dog”. “Thats a zany bonkers wheeze Vivian” says his scribbling chum. “But whats her motivation to out with such an impractical partner?” “Stuff that Rodders”, replies Vivian. “Who needs a plot when you have all this computer hardware and actor people and things and that?”
    And thus – The Wrong Door became flesh .. albeit animated and in a rather realistic fashion.
    Sadly – the ‘real world’ stuck to the comedy rules … of the real world’s comedy. Thats where style doesnt always win over substance. And the substance – a funny script – was not programmed into the clever CGI software.
    The Actors got paid. The Scriptwriters got paid. And BBC Three got a bit of a panning over it in the press reviews.
    Moral of the tale: There isnt one. They just keep shovelling them out! When money’s no object you can do that you see.
    Ha, haaaa….haaaaa! (Maniacal laughter continues for ten seconds fading to basic black backdrop)

    In other words, sorry Phill but in my humble opinion. The Wrong Door was the televisual equivalent to the Celebrity Tryout Spiderman’s rectal emissions …. to see similar efforts using identical technology – you’d’ve had to have seen Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet.
    Proving that less (overuse of a one-idea sketch) really IS more.



  6. Heres another idea. Just send your scripts to me Dave and Bruce and I’ll read them and see if they should go in the show. Lets stop going on and play nice.

  7. Robbie

    The old ‘Let’s see you do better’ argument isn’t applicable Ben. I wouldn’t know how to build an Austin Allegro from scratch but I know they’re complete shite. The Wrong Door is simply awful. Sorry! It just is! I was really looking forward to it after the ad campaign but there’s just nothing to it. No humour, nothing. I hope you guys get to do other stuff but for God’s sake drop the premise that clever graphics make a good show. You need wit to wrap the graphics ’round if you’re doing comedy, and there is nothing in this show that’s funny either with or without the graphics. Only my opinion of course, but I’d seriously think about getting some funny writers in and focusing on the content over the style if you do any more of these.


  8. daveselectricblanket

    The boss sketch was good….

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  10. Vern

    Just catching up on all this as a Wrong Door fan – interesting reading. Lots of jealous people out there! But I agree with daveselectricblanket – The Boss was the best so far. One of yours Phill?

    Good luck with it and the films of course!!

  11. thboab

    Possible the worst, no definitely the worst sketch show I have ever seen. Please now more series!

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