Wrong Door day

I can’t see out of my right eye. For some reason it’s swollen up so much it’s completely closed.

I don’t know whether I’ve been bitten, got a sty or been inexplicably punched whilst asleep (for anyone thinking of punching anyone, while they’re asleep is the best time); but whatever the reason, I’m viewing the world in a monocular fashion without the benefit of depth perception.

I quite like it.

Apart from the pain.

But, none of that matters because The Wrong Door kicks off today. Tonight to be precise. 10.30 on BBC Three to be even preciser.

Here are some more reviews if anyone cares:



But hey, feel free to make your own mind up tonight.

Join me, go on, you know you want to; and if you want to totally immerse yourself in the same viewing experience as me – tape one eye closed and jab pins into your face whilst watching.

You know it makes sense.

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15 thoughts on “Wrong Door day

  1. All the best Phill, I’m looking forward to watching it tonight. I already love the setup of your sketches.

  2. Cheers, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Fantastic sketch Phill! That’s my kind of humour. And what a cast to perform it! The best one for me – genuinely. Well done!

  4. Ben Randall

    Congratulations – after watching The Wrong Door last night, I was inspired to write to the BBC to ask why its producers believe this sort of juvenile garbage is even remotely funny. Utter crap masquerading as entertainment, written by unimaginative, immature people who think fart jokes are the height of searing wit.

    Here’s a tip: throwing in a swear word doesn’t make a lame joke clever.

  5. No, but it makes it funny.

  6. Ben Randall

    Wrong again. Crap writers resort to saying ‘fuck’ to prop up fundamentally weak jokes. Doesn’t make the joke funny, it just makes it appeal to snickering 10-year-olds. Talented comedians, capable of sophisticated humour, use foul language as a garnish. They don’t try to make it the basis of the whole pudding. These are pretty fundamental points, probably contained in Chapter One of whichever book of basic comic writing the Wrong Door team clearly didn’t read.

  7. Tee hee hee, he said ‘fuck’!

  8. hehe, you said fuck as well Phil! and Randall said fuck! Have you got this book of basic comedy writing that Randalls talking about?. We should have checked you read that before we hired you,

  9. Nick Pilgrim

    So is tracking down a writer’s blog for a show that you don’t like, for the sole purpose of (or the attempt of) mocking him sophisticated?

    Anyway, I liked it, the viking and the superhero tryouts sketches particularly made me giggle.

  10. Ben: I tried to read the book, but there were some really long words in there – so I just looked at the pictures.

    And then I drew willies on them.

    Nick: thank you, glad you liked it.

  11. I love the idea of words like “fuck” and indeed “cunt” being used as a garnish.

  12. There seem to be a few ‘cunts’ on here

  13. Yeah. That Barron, eh? Terrible man. Pulls the tails off puppy dogs and sells them to Nazis.

  14. Hey! Nazis need puppy-dog tails too, you know!

  15. Exactly, I may move into kittens’ testicles next.

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