Wrong Door – The Smutty Aliens

I’m kind of bored of mentioning this since I guess anyone who’s going to watch it already knows about it by now; but at the same time I feel like now I’ve started talking about it, I have to carry on or it’ll look like I don’t care any more.

So, tonight, BBC 3 – 10.30 pm: The Wrong Door episode 3 (or episode 4, depending how you count it) – The Smutty Aliens:

Chief Inspector Barnes struggles to balance his budget, while the offices of Baum Technologies find themselves with an unusual pest control problem.

Lisa finds out her boyfriend can make himself invisible, Trampoline Transit Ltd demonstrate an innovative commuting alternative and Susan is abducted by the Smutty Aliens.

Hmm … smutty aliens. I’m guessing that’s not going to help win over anyone who finds the show juvenile.

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8 thoughts on “Wrong Door – The Smutty Aliens

  1. Hurr hurr. You said aliens.

  2. Thing is, though, their smut has very real socio-political context, vis-a-vis the existential angst of Kirkegaard.

  3. filip

    “Hmm … smutty aliens. I’m guessing that’s not going to help win over anyone who finds the show juvenile.”

    Guffaw! Aliens and they’re smutty. Hilarious! How do they think up such original material. Gods they are, Gods!!

    Seriously though, save it for CBBC.

  4. Nick Pilgrim

    “Seriously though, save it for CBBC.”

    Jesus, what kind of programs did you watch when you were a kid?

    Worrying that…

    Anyway, I giggled, as per usual Mr Phillip- kudos!

  5. Oddly enough, there was a CBBC version of this under consideration; but I don’t know what happened to that idea.

  6. Sorry, I’ve Got No Head was cheaper?

  7. Oli, I was looking at that sentence for a long time before I worked out it was a TV programme. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost track of kids TV.

  8. I think the smutty aliens would be great for CBBC! Oh and the end of your super-hero sketch was brilliant!

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