Wrong Door – The Wizard of Office

It’s Thursday again and time for more from The Wrong Door: 10.30 pm – BBC Three. Tonight’s exciting installment …

When Dorothy Tempest’s office is hit by a tornado she is transported to the far-from-magical land of Oswestry, where her desk lands on Justin Beales, the Regional Sales Director for the East.

There’s more disappointing magic when Louise and Tom visit the so-called Magical Wood; the world’s most dangerous restaurant gets a visit; and Transformo and Perky Girl audition for Superhero Tryouts.

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2 thoughts on “Wrong Door – The Wizard of Office

  1. Dominic

    I’ve tagged you, sir. See why on my blog.

  2. Bryony Shaw

    U’re missing out the reviews which really count, those from the audience which sat through this gobshite.

    “CG in itself isn’t funny. Jokes are funny. CG as a joke is not funny.”

    “It doesn’t have any jokes in it, which for a comedy show is a bit of an oversight.”

    “Ratings wise it did well on launch… It is still utter ball bags though.”

    “The show was originally for CBBC then they switched it to BBC3… I think it should have stayed there. It is god awful, really bad.”

    “I’m watching the repeat now… watching some guy wave his bare ass around is not something that makes me want to continue watching.”

    “I gave up during the retarded superhero audition skit – I’ve never seen such a pathetically poor attempt at humour.”

    “None of it looks even remotely funny.”

    “Dear BBC. Could you please stop wasting licence fee-payer’s money on such utter, abominable, pointless shite as The Wrong Door.”

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