Wrong Door – Bondo

Last episode of the series tonight:

Commander Bondo of the Clown Secret Service is tasked with thwarting a dastardly Ninja plot to assassinate Captain Goitre, leader of The Train Pirates.

Melanie’s relationship with Philip the Dinosaur reaches breaking point and Xotang the giant robot’s holiday plans are ruined when he forgets his passport.

There’s a vague possibility that some of the Bondo stuff is based on a couple of sketches I wrote. I say vague because it’s equally plausible that someone else submitted a similar idea and it all sprang from that, or possibly several similar ideas arrived at the same time and were merged together.

By the sound of it, the sketches were all handed round for rewrites a few times anyway, so even if my sketches were part of the original inspiration there’s only a very slim chance any of the lines survived to the final version. Maybe some of the words might have made it in? You know, like ‘the’ and ‘of’ and ‘cockface’.

I guess I’ll find out tonight: 10.30pm – BBC Three.

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9 thoughts on “Wrong Door – Bondo

  1. Darren

    Ha ha ha… ‘cockface’… ha ha ha.

    I’m easily pleased. So what?

  2. So nothing. Easily pleased is the audience I like to write for – it’s much less work.

  3. Darren

    Hmmm… yeah, I need to get me an audience like that. Any tips? 🙂

  4. Nob jokes and swear words.

  5. Darren

    My Red Planet submission has a sad dearth of either…


  6. lyte

    Would you happen to know what the music playing in the background of the “Magic Snooker” sketch is, by any chance?

  7. No idea, but I’ll find out.

  8. Zach Taylor

    “A brand of insanity I find particularly amusing is the people who’ve gone to the effort of finding this blog and slagging off The Wrong Door in the comments”

    And yet you quietly deleted the initial round of negative comments. Guess your ego can’t take it. The Wrong Door is rubbish and, judging by the thoughts of viewers with an IQ higher than a toaster, the critics who gave it four stars are the same numpties who think Big Brother is intellectual entertainment.

  9. Andrew

    So glad this series is over. Epic fail from all concerned. I agree with Zach above… I’d hide your involvement with the project if I were you, Phil, this will stink up a lot of resumés for years to come.

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