I’m sure it was around here somewhere …

I’m still working on the treatment for the proposed January shoot, I’m over the big bloody hole where the second half of the second act was supposed to be and the end is nearly in sight.

Actually, that’s a lie; the end is nowhere to be seen.

Running at the plot hole and typing furiously seems to have worked. The characters just got on with stuff, filled in the gaping hole in the plot and made it to the other side of the story chasm. Hooray for them! And they did it with almost no conscious input from me.

The only small problem is, they haven’t arrived where I was expecting them. There’s a perfectly good ending waiting for them just down the road, but I have no idea how to get them from where they are to where I want them to be. This is the problem with giving the characters a free reign with the story, the bastards hijack it for their own ends.

I suppose I could put them back on the other side of the chasm and force them to do it all again, only differently, hoping against hope they make the right choices to bring them in line with the ending. Or, I could sit down and plot it out properly. I could even come up with a new ending which makes use of the new position … but the truth is, it all seems like too much work. I could even use the same ending we used in ‘The Evolved’ which was just to stop the action at the end of act two and put up a title card saying: TO BE CONTINUED …

No, God damn it! I’ve got an ending, it’s a good ending and I want to use it.

Instead, I’m going to opt for lying on the sofa and staring at the ceiling until a single line of action pops into my head and solves everything.

It’ll probably involve aliens, or magic, or maybe even a fade to black and then fading back in with half of the characters dead, a couple resurrected and a small goat following them around.

“Phew, that was difficult.” says the hero, and they get on with the end.

Yes, that sounds perfect.

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5 thoughts on “I’m sure it was around here somewhere …

  1. Darren

    Hmmm… *shakes head* I don’t think you’re taking this writing stuff very seriously :)!

  2. crustynomad

    What you need is a dream sequence….hey, you’ve got one them (see previous blog post) 😉

  3. Crusty: I could go for the ‘It’s all a dream’ I don’t think that’s been done before.

    Darren: how dare you, sir? I’ll have you know I’m a consumate professional. Now hush, Relic Hunter is on.

  4. Darren

    I’d go for Relic Hunter, if there’s no Top Gear repeat on Dave… as long as E4+1 isn’t showing Gilmore Girls, of course… or a repeat of Scrubs.

    Mind you, ITV4 is showing The Saint with ‘eyebrows’ Moore and Bid TV is demonstrating a natty line in ‘Gorgeous Gifts’ which are, frankly, unmissable…

  5. I was going to suggest bringing back the attack dogs to eat the characters you want rid of, but I guess they died from mobile phone related food poisoning?

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