Writer’s vision

Another first for me today – a producer asked me for a ‘Writer’s Vision’ for the sales pack.

Writer’s Vision? I don’t have a vision.

Except maybe that one about a world where all people are equal … except me, who’s in charge. And possibly the Dutch who can be used for medical experiments.

In fact, due to a desperate need for glasses and a massive antipathy towards my own welfare, I’ve barely got any vision at all. The world around me ends after ten feet in a comforting fog. Driving’s a bit of an adventure and road signs are a complete mystery until I’m just passing them.

I felt clarification was needed.

Of the term ‘Writer’s Vision’ not of the road signs – I quite enjoy not knowing what road I’m on. Danger may not be my middle name, but it’s certainly stamped on my driving license in big red letters.

Apparently a Writer’s Vision should include: what story/message I hope to be told with my script and my inspiration/motivation for writing it.

Ah, right, well, why didn’t you say?

The story I want to be told is the one I wrote down in the script and my motivation was ‘hoping to get a fuck load of money’.

Does that count?

As for inspiration, that’s easy:


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One thought on “Writer’s vision

  1. Absolutely does count: hell that’s why I’m doing this writing stuff. fuck art. ; )

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