Making writing easier

I’ve found a new way of working, one which takes all the pain out of creating, planning and writing a script. It’s very simple and so far has yielded far superior results to my previous working practices:


Let the baby do it.

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14 thoughts on “Making writing easier

  1. Leckermann

    Caption: “How Michael Bay movies are written.”

  2. Dammit, you’ve discovered MY secret, Barron!

  3. Leckermann: if there were a caption competition – you just won it. In fact I’m considering retroactively creating a competition just so I can give you a prize.

    Lucy: are you trying to tell me you’re my baby? Is this some kind of non-linear reincarnation?


    Phil? Yeah, hi. It’s Rick. Rick Moranis. You might remember me from the franchise ‘Honey, We Shrunk the Kids.’ You do? Oh, thank God. OK, as of right now, I’m throwing away my script for ‘Honey, We Shrunk Tom Cruise.’ Here’s what I’m seeing: You and me and the baby in ‘Honey, I shrunk Phillip’s Residuals.’

  5. Luckily, I got her to sign a contract first. She agreed to waive all rights and payments to any work produced in exchange for the cuddly fuzzy bee.

  6. Darren

    Oh wow… K9…

  7. The only problem with the caption is that most of us know your baby is a girl. Speaking as a girl myself, I could never write a Michael Bay film. I’d die of boredom before the end of Act I. “Chase. Explosion. More chasing. I’d better add another explosion. How can I make it more pointless than the first explosion? Zzzzz…”

  8. Darren

    Explosions? Pointless? Are you mad?

  9. And come on – Transformers was great: explosions, Megan Fox, more explosions, more Megan Fox and loads of big fucking robots knocking the crap out of each other.


  10. I’m with Phill on this one.

    Oh! And a love story too!

    But mostly for the giant shit-kicking robots.

  11. Darren

    I was gonna say, mostly for Megan…

    But YEAH… explosions baby!

    P.S. YEAH!

  12. gin

    Great strategy! And I bet the baby doesn’t complain about the pink laptop 😀

    I guess Bay thought the love story would be enough to get the girls into the theaters with their fellas….@@

  13. She did complain, as it happens – hence her using the desktop instead.

  14. gin

    I just figured it was because she can’t quite balance the laptop yet!

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