Soup and zombies

It’s all a bit of a mad rush at the moment; I’m writing sketches in the morning and a horror film in the afternoon. Both projects are important to me and both have rather tight deadlines, hence the panicked rush to get them both done.

Actually, to be fair, the film hasn’t really got a deadline; but since the provisional shooting date is in January I’m guessing they want it as soon as possible. The producer did say he wanted it done overnight and I suspect he was only half joking.

The problem I’m having is trying to re-gear during lunch so I come back in a horror frame of mind as opposed to a comedy one. It’s quite tricky switching off from one project and turning on to the next on a daily basis. The horror is in danger of becoming a piss take and the sketches are slightly more gruesome than is probably required: you can only use “she stabs him in the face” as a punchline so many times before it stops being funny.

About once, realistically. Possibly less than that.

The blog’s helping; spouting random bits of shit helps to clear the mind. A kind of mental sorbet, if you will. I’ve been watching bits of ‘Dead Set’ during lunch, which goes someway towards resetting my mental state, but it’s still difficult. It’s particularly hard when I don’t quite manage to finish a sketch in the morning and the ending hangs around in my brain all day. I guess I could finish it off in the afternoon, but then I feel like I’m stealing time from the film. Occasionally I think I’ll draw up some kind of time-share timetable and repay any minutes I borrow for the morning session – but without a break to reset my brain I find I can’t switch straight to the horror.

And all this time the sword and sorcery movie keeps staring over my shoulder. This is the project I had to set aside in order to work on these other two and the cards are still up on the board, waiting for me to pay them some attention like some kind of bastard step-child who’s fallen out of favour.

“When are you going to play with me, daddy? Did I do something wrong?”

Shut up.

I keep thinking there’s got to be a point when this all gets easier? Surely someday I’ll find myself working on one project at a time, secure in the knowledge that project pays enough not to have to cram in seven more before tea-time? That’s got to happen soon, right? Can anyone give me a date?


Oh well, time for soup and zombies before getting back to work.

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12 thoughts on “Soup and zombies

  1. I hear you. I was going to write ‘I read you’ but it seems a bit sinister.

    Sketches in morning for me and a play (gothic comedy) in the evenings. In the middle, life assurance where I type notes on applications.

    You let off steam in your blog, I do it in a less appropriate avenue.

    Tell yourself you’re exercising both halves of the brain, that always cheers me up. Come to thing of it, it kind of irritates me too…which half’s which I wonder.

  2. Darren

    OoooOOoo look at me… I’ve got too much work on.


  3. I’m having soup too. Winter vegetable. Delightful.

  4. And now you won’t get either done because you’ll have to keep coming back here to check your blog stats and respond to comments and compare who’s got the nicest soup.
    I tell you, the life a professional writer is hard, hard, hard.

  5. Ha ha! Fooled you all! I had fish pie instead and didn’t watch anything except Alice being confused by puréed strawberries.

    Rick: do you type rude words on the life assurance applications?

    Darren: I know, champagne problems; but I have nothing bettter to complain about.

    Jason: I would have had oxtail, had I gone down the soup route. With three bits of bread and butter.

    Michelle: you’re wrong, I’m working hard. You won’t catch me … oh bugger, I’m doing it now, aren’t I? Curse you and your in depth knowledge of the writer’s mind.

  6. Phil: I only type rude words on life assurance applications.

    Or rather, that’s what a more Rambo version of me would do. I did spill a cup of Highlights on one once. Does that count?

  7. Depends what flavour it was.

  8. Self Pity and cinnamon

  9. Darren

    Complain away… good for you!

  10. I had a Self Pity and Cinnamon Pot Noodle once. They don’t do them any more. Least, I can’t find them in Somerfield, Home of the Pot Noodle.

  11. They still do Schadenfreude and Nutmeg, though.

  12. Bloody hell, I think you’re on to a winner there boys: mood food.

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