Last night, thanks to the lovely Michelle Lipton, I discovered some people are unable to see this blog in the workplace due to the level of swearing and the questionable content.

Personally, I consider that a major achievement.

What a marvellous world we live in when, thanks to the Internet, I’ve been cyber-barred from offices all over the country and (dare I hope?) the world?

It gives me a warm rosy glow to know I’ve even managed to offend computers. And to think my teachers said I’d never amount to anything.

Actually they mostly said: “Shut up and sit down, you little tit.” but the meaning was clear.

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4 thoughts on “Barred

  1. JB

    I think it’s not your language, it’s your radical, firebrand ideals and general optimism. They don’t like that in office-land.

  2. No it’s definitely the language. I always get redirected to a page that says:

    This site is very sweary!
    Far too sweary to have anything to do with work.
    Therefore you are SKIVING.
    Now stop dossing around and get on with it you little fucker.

  3. Damn, I quite liked the firebrand idea.

  4. But Michelle, surely that page would need a page? They haven’t thought it through have they. 🙂

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