SWF launch

And speaking of networking … is anyone going to the Screenwriters’ Festival Launch on Tuesday?

I am and I need someone to hold my hand.

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18 thoughts on “SWF launch

  1. Is the reason I don’t know about this because I haven’t bought my ticket yet?

    Or is it invitation only and I’m not invited?

    I want to come goddamit!

  2. Hi Phill

    I’ve just entered the big, bad world of blogging and noticed your plea on Scribomatic. I shall be there on Tuesday willing to attack any free alcohol that may be available…

  3. Darren

    I’d love to go… didn’t even know about it. Gad, I feel ignorant…

    As michelle says, is it invite only?


    Ahhh… is this the festival taking place on 26th-29th October? If so, why a launch in January? Or am I completely on the wrong track here…?

    I think I must have ingested thickie pudding at Christmas…

  4. Mandy

    phill cant talk right now, hes driving



  5. A likely story!

    We all know you like your secrets Phill, stop pretending to be your wife…

  6. I can talk when I’m driving. It’s not hard.

    Car journeys with Phill must be very dull and deathly quiet. Does he queue up all his responses and blurt them all out in one long garbled scream as soon as he parks the car?

  7. Michelle: I can’t stop – the underwear is too comfortable.

    Laurence: pretty much it to a tee.

    I don’t know where you get tickets from or how, sorry. I just won mine in a raffle. Nor do I know why the launch is now for October.

    David might know the answers and can I just say, if anyone sees of there hiding in the corner – please say hello.

  8. Yep, the launch be invite only, unfortunately. There’s a secret handshake and everything.

    Darren’s track is correct. It’s a launch in January for the festival in October. Not sure of the reasoning. Unless guest speakers have January sales and reduce their rates?

  9. Of course, it’s for guest speakers! That makes sense.

    Sorry. I’ll be on my way.

  10. Sadly, they also neglected to send me a free ticket.

    But if you can get Shel & I in, we’ll see you right.

  11. Jez

    I’ll be there and look forward to meeting David and Phill. Come and say hi, I’ll be the little Jewish bloke with the walking stick

  12. Piers and Shel, maybe we could do a long coat/standing on shoulders thing that always worked so well in Scooby Doo? Everything I know, I learned from Scooby Doo.

    Jez and Phill, I shall be the bespectacled and slightly baffled geek wandering around in an aimless fashion muttering “Has anyone seen the wine?”

  13. Cool. I’ll be the guy who looks remarkably like the photo on the ‘About the Author’ page above.

    Except I’m in colour.

    And may be dressed as Batman depending on how the mood takes me.

  14. Thanks for the warning. It’s always embarrassing when someone turns up wearing the same outfit.

  15. I’ll be there Phill – see you on Tuesday. Hand holding’s okay, but be warned: I won’t go to second base until you’ve bought me dinner.

  16. Does a packet of Skittles count as dinner?

  17. Bring one. Find out.

  18. I shall wear my best underwear, just in case.

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