Here’s a potential short film opportunity – who knows, it may even become a feature film opportunity by next year?

Anyway, being the kind soul I occasionally am, I thought I’d pass this on to you lovely people:


I’m a director currently working for a small award winning production house called Link Productions who have agreed to make a few short films for me to direct this year and a feature in 2010. At the moment I’m looking short dark dramas on underprivileged teenagers/teenage pregnancy issues/broken families/gun crime maybe etc … domestic stuff.

Anyway if you think this is up your alley let’s talk or even better if you have already something to show I’m all ears.

This is my show reel and some of my films:


And you can contact me here:

nathantheys (-at-) yahoo.co.uk


Nathan Theys

Oh, and by the way – if you’re reading this in two years time, he’s probably not still looking for short scripts.

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