How to get an American production company interested in your big idea

Step one: have a big idea. Take your time with this. Drink tea, watch the telly, lounge around. It’ll come, don’t force it.

Step two: do nothing.

Step three: answer an email from an American production company; explain they can’t have the script they want since it’s still under option, but you have got this big idea …

Step four: there is no step four. It’s over. You’ve achieved your goal.

Easy, isn’t it?

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15 thoughts on “How to get an American production company interested in your big idea

  1. I’ll remind you again, you only starting being good when I joined your blog. Its obviously me – I accept PayPal.

    Seriously though, really well done!!!

  2. Lara

    Man, you make me laugh. Well done. Seriously. Christ, is this ANOTHER drink I have to buy on the 10th? Gonna be skint with all these successes to celebrate…

  3. terraling

    Errmmmm, if they don’t go with your big idea, I’ve a big one that needs an American home that I’d be happy to let them see…

    It’s so big I’ve been sitting on it for a few months, scared to go back to it. Plus does Obama mean there’s no appetite for stories about race anymore?

  4. CNUTS: I didn’t do anything.

    Lara: seriously, I’ve done nothing. There is nothing to congratulate except inept laziness.

    Terraling: don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to fear but guns, knives, nuclear weapons, the Welsh, splinters, wasps, raw chicken, axe wielding lunatics, low flying bricks … actually, there’s a lot to be scared of. Be afraid.

  5. The advice in step one sounds a lot like taking a poo. I’d be good with that one, and step two. Although together they can be uncomfortable. Sorry, am I actually typing this? Better not press submit then.

  6. I’m glad you’ve returned to the post and are considering my advice in detail.

  7. I’m already lazy. Now I play the waiting game.

  8. I hate you, you jammie bar steward.

    On the other hand, brilliant.

  9. Paul Campbell

    I guess I’ll just sit back and wait for the e-mail.

    Do you have to have had the big idea before the e-mail, or can you leave that bit until after?

  10. Lara

    I’m waiting….

    Hello? US production Company? Yes, you!


  11. Paul: I think you do have to have the idea first. I’ve spent years without a big idea and not one American has contacted me about anything; but as soon as I get the idea, I get the call. Or email.

    The only possible explanation is something to do with cosmic ordering or maybe magic pixies. Or aliens, yes this is definitive proof of aliens. It’s the only logical answer.

  12. It was me. I did some cosmic ordering but I filled out the forms wrong. Bugger.

  13. You don’t need to fear the Welsh. You may before us when we beat you again in the six nations but you don’t need to fear us.

  14. “You may bow before us…”

    Apparently you may also need to fear our l337 typing skills too.

  15. It’s proof of magic pixies mate, not aliens. Sheesh.

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