CS Podcasts

I’m sure everyone already is; but if you aren’t, you should be.

Wait, sorry – that sentence makes no sense.

Are you listening to the Creative Screenwriting Podcasts? I’m sure you already are; but if you aren’t, you should be.

Hmm …

Maybe that should be:

Do you listen to the Creative Screenwriting Podcasts? I’m sure you already do; but if you don’t, you should.

No, still not happy with that.

If you’re not listening to the Creative Screenwriting Podcasts, you fucking should be. They’re great and have been consistently great for a long time now.

Damn it, still not quite right.

Creative Screenwriting Podcasts. Listen to them. Don’t fucking argue, just do it. Unless you already are. Or have been for a while. In which case, good. Carry on.

Oh fuck it, I give up. Is it bedtime yet?

The podcasts are great, lots of really interesting information provided in humorous anecdote form by the writers of some awesome films. And a few shit ones.

Mostly good though.

In fact, I now decide which films I want to watch based purely on how interesting the writer sounds during the podcast.

I like them, you might too.

Take my advice, go on, have a listen.

Unless you’re already listening to them and have been for a long time – in which case you don’t need the recommendation and have wasted your time reading this post.

You fucking idiot.

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8 thoughts on “CS Podcasts

  1. Darren

    ‘You fucking idiot’… biggest laugh of the weekend!

  2. Lara

    You on commission for mentioning CS so many times in one post? 😉

  3. Lara

    Fucking marvelous, mate. Well done. ;P

  4. Yeah, they’re great. Been listening to them for about a year. Also, KCRW’s The Treatment is great too, but that’s more a conversation with filmmakers than something specific to just screenwriters.

    And I agree about choosing films based on the writers pods.

  5. I recently went back and listened to the In Bruges one which was really good, if slightly frustrating – one draft written in five weeks and it wins a Bafta! Which it completely deserved (aand I hope it wins the Oscar too), I just wish I could write that well that quickly.

  6. I wish I could write that well at all.

  7. They’re really rather special, aren’t they? I usually have them on in the car on the way to work. Funny thing is, even the shit films have good interviews – though I couldn’t bring myself to listen the the Uwe Boll one. Found the Cohen brothers one really annoying though. They’s good, but they’s smug.

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