I’m so sorry

… I really am. I’ve been neglecting this blog, but most of all I’ve been neglecting you. Not a general, you the reader type you; but you specifically.

You’re my favourite.

And I apologise, but I’ve just been far too busy. Still am really, but the end is in sight.

Well, not the end. More of a resting point when I’ll be able to talk shit for a day or so.

Rest assured though, I have been making a list of all the things I would have blogged about over the past … few … while.

How long has it been?

Oh, it feels longer.

Anyway, I’ve jotted down a list of twelve things I meant to blog about but haven’t.

Three of them I can actually remember what they mean. Sadly, I suspect the other nine are lost for all time. Shame really, they looked jolly exciting if not deeply mysterious.

CREATORS CONFUSED LOST – sounds like it would have been insightful.

THE A TEAM V DAD’S ARMY – would have been a film I’d pay to see.

CYLONS!– looks terribly exciting. Not just CYLONS, but CYLONS! with a bold and underlined exclamation mark. It sends shivers down my spine just looking at that.


And it’s my deepest regret to annouce we may possibly never, ever learn what the fuck DAISY DOGNUTS means.

DAISY DOGNUTS? It’s definitely my handwriting but … DAISY DOGNUTS? What the fuck?

Oh well, back to hacking up my imaginary friends with big bastard swords.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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3 thoughts on “I’m so sorry

  1. As long as you’ve been writing, I guess we’ll let you off….

    Actually, no we won’t.

    You abandoned us, you BASTARD!

    *sniff* Boo-Hoo-Hoo *indrawn breath* WHAAAH!!

  2. Are you hacking your imaginary friends up one-handed or two-handed?

    It makes a difference, you know.

  3. Eleanor: stop crying or I’ll fetch the stick. Then you’ll have something to cry about.

    Piers: Both. Sometimes no handed.

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