How odd

It appears The Wrong Door has been nominated for a Rose d’Or:

Is that good?


“Throughout its history, the festival’s goal has always been to reward originality, quality and creativity in entertainment programming, and to encourage excellence in television and new media. Each year, since the festival began, the Rose d’Or has acquired the best of the year’s new entertainment and made it possible for international broadcasters, buyers, producers and press to view it all.”

So there you go. That is good, isn’t it?

According to the Swiss I’m original, creative, excellent and the best of the year.

Well not me personally, but a show I contributed a little bit to. So I guess that makes me only slightly original, creative, excellent and only partly the best of the year.

I hope it’s a part of me I like.

The Swiss are encouraging me. That’s nice of them.

Truly we live in a wondrous age.

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12 thoughts on “How odd

  1. Congratulations – do you get to go to the awarding of gold roses?

  2. I doubt it. I only found out by accident and 11/12ths of the show had absolutely nothing to do with me.

  3. Sally

    “Is that good?”

    That’s blinkin’ brilliant!!!!

  4. Jozef

    This is outstanding, congratulations!

  5. Do you get chocolate or a cuckoo clock?

    Or black market drugs?

  6. I was gonna ask about chocolate too…. or maybe you get a complementary bank account? 😉

  7. Awesome. High five!


  8. I think you get a chocolate cuckoo clock stuffed full of black market drugs, stored in a lockbox you get free with your complimentary bank account and accessed by a special key which is next to the thing for getting stones out of horses’ hooves on a little pen knife.

    But I could be wrong.

  9. Darren

    er… well done?

  10. Cool.

  11. looks like the haters have stopped checking your posts… for now 🙂

  12. They’ve moved on to Horne and Corden.

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