Pimping other people’s stuff

Here’s an easy guide to get me to pimp whatever it is you’re trying to sell:

  1. Send a polite email.
  2. That’s it.

So without further ado, pimping for Adrian Mead:

Breaking into the film and TV industrytoday.

This will be a day jam packed with the very latest career building opportunities for screenwriters and filmmakers. No screenwriting theory, just a clear guide to the shape of the Film and TV industry as it is now and how it is likely to develop.
and this will be an excellent opportunity to forge links with fellow creatives
and extend your network of contacts. This event is sure to sell out early and here’s what participants of Adrian’s previous classes have said –I found the course absolutely invaluable.  Adrian avoided the well trodden ground of screenwriting theory and instead concentrated on how to actually get finished manuscripts into the hands of producers and agents.Stuart

Adrian delivered the lab in a charismatic and professional manner. Giving clarity and focus to the sometime daunting task of making it as a writer.Monica
The course was amazing. I gained a real insight into the industry and now feel enthused to pursue my goals with vigour and boldness!


How are you going to get your break and advance your career as a screenwriter or filmmaker in the midst of an economic downturn?

The idea for a day about career building came from a spate of calls I’ve had recently from new writers and filmmakers who were ready to give up trying to build a career. Despite gaining qualifications, reading numerous websites and sending out scripts nothing had changed for them.

My answer was simple and brutal, “If you haven’t achieved what you want yet, then you aren’t really putting all that knowledge into action. Knowing isn’t doing.”

Think back to January. You were all fired up about breaking into the film and TV industry, “This has to be the year when I make it happen!”

So, how has it gone? What have you achieved so far? Be honest, didn’t you make that same speech last January, maybe even the year before that? So why are you trapped in your own version of Groundhog Day?

In order to find the answer you first need to recognize a huge and fundamental truth.

Knowing isn’t doing

Knowledge doesn’t change things. Action does.

Already some of you will have been lining up your excuses, “The film and TV industry has changed massively in the last six months. I don’t know where to start now. I mean, what’s the point in trying to break into an industry besieged by cancellations and budget cuts?”

In fact you couldn’t be more wrong. This is a great time to be a new writer or filmmaker trying to get your break. Seriously. If you know where to look there are numerous new opportunities available to you because of the economic downturn. Yet most of you will miss them as you continue employing a half-hearted, outdated and now redundant approach to advancing your career.

Take action and join me at THE SCREENWRITER’S CAREER GUIDE to discover what you need to do in order to break into the film and TV industry

The once standard approach you used even three months ago is now redundant. Everything has changed. You need to do the same or get left behind. These are exciting times filled with opportunities for new writers and filmmakers who know where to look and are ready to adapt and collaborate. THE SCREENWRITER’S CAREER GUIDE will teach you how to take action that will build contacts, find money and build a career.  


THE SCREENWRITER’S CAREER GUIDE will be presented by Adrian Mead. If you have attended one of Adrian’s classes before you know to expect the most up to date information from a working professional. 

We work hard at creating a fun and friendly atmosphere




When and Where
The next course will be held on 4 July 2009 at a central London location.
The course fee is £ 70 + VAT (EARLY BIRD UNTIL 15 MAY). The fee includes all materials and light refreshments.

To book go to www.initialize-films.co.uk and check out THE SCREENWRITER’S CAREER GUIDE.

You can view testimonials for Adrian’s sell out classes and acclaimed e-book MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER at www.meadkerr.com

In the confusing forest of screenwriting books here is a sturdy oak: simple, honest and true. Highly recommended.

Ashley Pharoah
Screenwriter and Producer
Co Creator of Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes

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