Last post

Yeah … sorry about that last post.

I had one of those days on Friday when I completely failed to achieve anything useful whatsoever. It’s not that I had nothing to do, it’s more I just did nothing.

All day.

Most people produce shit until you put them under pressure, and then they produce a diamond. Me, I produce nothing until you put me under pressure and then I produce shit. It’s not an ideal situation, but there you go.

At the moment I’m just waiting for people to get back to me. Every project I’m working on is inbetween drafts (or currently shooting, or being edited or … other technical stuff which has nothing to do with me) and I can’t really do anything until people start getting back to me.

True, I have a long list of spec projects I could start … but … I didn’t.

And probably won’t.

Well, I will one day; but that day wasn’t Friday.

So I did nothing all day, then tried to write a blog post and failed.


Still, ‘Just for the Record’ started shooting yesterday … is it still Monday back home? No? Oh. It’s still Monday here because, yes, as usual I’m hiding in the Caribbean until the shoot is over.

No, that’s a lie – I’m here for the first week, then I’m going to see my folks in France for the second week. Either way, I’ll be avoiding the shoot and the UK until it’s all over.

Actually, that’s a lie too. I might go to Nuneaton on Thursday.

Or I might not.

Regardless of this drivel, ‘Just for the Record’ has started, it’s being filmed now and I can heartily recommend – without shame, reservation or doubt – if you’re going to avoid the filming of your script by hiding in the Caribbean, make sure you travel First Class … they’re very accommodating:











































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15 thoughts on “Last post

  1. ‘This is a private video’ ooh makes me want to watch it even more. Sort it out.

  2. Paul Campbell

    So, I can’t watch your “private video” unless I say that your my friend? Just how desperate for friends are you?!

    OK. OK, I’ll be your friend. Can I watch the video now?

  3. Right, sorry. Try it now.

  4. It’s vanished completely now… Or are you just hiding it from ME? *narrows eyes*


  5. Hmm … it works fine for me, even when I log out and clear my cache. What does vanished mean?

    *Blank space
    *You can see the YouTube player but there’s no content?
    *You can see the player and the initial picture but when you press ‘play’ nothing happens?

    Judging by the lack of comments, either no one else can see it either or you’re really not missing anything … probably the latter.

  6. Ha Ha! That took some balls (pun intended). Only just seen it otherwise my expected approval would have been earlier 😉

  7. michellelipton

    I can view it fine.


    Excuse me while I go and bleach my eyes.

  8. What was wrong with the video???

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