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Uh … what?

“Jack Tweed launches post-prison career… with a film role as a man with no heart”

Okay … so what’s that got to do with me?

“Jade Goody’s grieving widower has started filming his first ever acting role dressed as the ‘Wizard of Oz’ character in British film ‘Just For The Record’.”

He has?

Oh, apparently he has:–role-tin-man-feature-film.html?ITO=1490

Blimey … there’s a Tin Man in ‘Just for the Record’?

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More positively …

It occurs to me the last post could be perceived as a bit negative, descending as it did in to a rant about Star Trek when it was meant to be an ‘ooh look, I’ve got a new laptop’ affair. So I thought, in an effort to redress the balance, I’d post a list of things I liked about the film because overall I did genuinely enjoy it (I just would have enjoyed it more had it made a little bit of sense):

The cast

The explosions

The bright colours

The short skirts

That they didn’t move too far away from the original uniforms and hence lose the bright colours and short skirts

That green woman in her underwear

Kirk and Uhura in the bar

Kirk’s massive hands

Spock getting the girl

Did I mention the green woman in her underwear?

McCoy generally – more of him please

Whoever chose the underwear for the green woman; because, you know, it must be really difficult to get the right colour to match that skin tone and it worked perfectly as far as I was concerned.

Other things I want to be positive about:

The Ten Doctors – I know, I know – you’ve probably all read it and it finished a few days back; but I wanted to wait until it had finished before I linked to it, just in case it went shit at the end.

It didn’t.

I liked it. It was great.

Confessions of a Superhero – I haven’t seen this yet, but I want to – it looks really interesting.

Oh and then there’s this BBC Look East New Bulletin– tonight’s, I think. The link should work today, whether it still works tomorrow is anyone’s guess. You’re looking to skip forward over the gloom and doom until you get to about 13.30

Now go about your day in a more positive manner.

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