Apologies for the blog-absence, but I’ve been doing this:

Red boot

… for these people:


And really haven’t had the time. However, I’m back now with sleeves rolled up (which looks frankly ridiculous since I’m currently wearing a T-shirt) and ready to get back to work.

How are you all?

Have you been keeping well?

If you enjoyed the last post about turd-rattlingly crazy fans, why not become one yourself?

The following link is to the fan page for my probably-next-to-be-filmed feature film, ’til Death. The clever folks in charge are asking if you’d like to become fans, here:

Personally, I think it’s fucking mental to become a fan of something you’ve never seen and which currently doesn’t exist; but I’ve done it anyway since I should at least pretend to be supporting my own career. If you feel the urge to do the same, that would be lovely.

Thank you in advance.

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2 thoughts on “Fandom

  1. You’ve been using your family to guilt-trip people into buying red lego? For people that own an old bus, a skip and bird-shit stained car?? People, join the bloody fan page. Save Phill!

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