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Here’s an interesting opportunity/development tool for anyone who’s got comedy scripts knocking around and is unsure about a) quality and b) how to go about getting a production company to read them. ScreenPlay Productions welcome new writers and have set up a brand new peer review system to help encourage emerging talent. ScreenPlay are on the level, are genuinely interested in discovering new talent and are worth at least having a look. Here’s what Chief Executive Jan Jung has to say about it all:


We thought we’d let you know about our new writing initiative >First Look<.  It’s a peer-2-peer review and advice programme.  It is meant to give new writers an opportunity to learn from reading other writers’ good and/or bad scripts, and through involvement in the review process learn how to separate and focus on the essential ingredients that make a good script better.  

From the many new writers we’re in contact with, some will undoubtedly become the stars of tomorrow. This programme will help speed up writing skills development for people who haven’t yet had a commission.  All you need to do is to get involved with the reading/reviewing of peer-writers’ scripts to get a chance of having your own scripts read by our development team. 

There’s no catch, it’s free, and by signing up you become part of a writing community much closer to the production people here at ScreenPlay. The good scripts that filter through the process and tickle our sense of humour can be put in front of the Commissioning Editors very quickly if there’s no need for a rewrite.  If they like it too, Bob’s your uncle. 

Look at the website ScreenPlay First Look and go through the detailed explanation there.  If you’d like to become a partner with the programme please follow the instructions on the site – OR send an email to with your name, title(s) of most recent script(s), and please put ‘First Look’ in the subject line to register. Once we’ve processed your registration you’ll be issued with a username and password.  When logged in you can start the evaluations immediately and be on your way to have your own scripts assessed.  Feedback is monitored and if your script gets a high average score, we’ll pay serious attention to both you and your work.

We’re very excited about this new initiative.  Commissioning Editors we’ve spoken with think it’s a great idea too, and participants will undoubtedly find it useful to get an opportunity to measure their work against the level of scripts available from like-minded programme partners.

There’s a build-in copyright protection service in the programme, and many of our fellow comedy producer colleagues have already been given login access to follow the progress.  This is your opportunity to do something different to get a head start in the very competitive world of comedy writing.

Best wishes

Jan Jung

ScreenPlay Productions Ltd.

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