The BBC, the Dutch and an unexpected pittance

A letter?

For me?

From the BBC?

Blimey o’Reilly, what could they possibly want?

(At this point I wanted to write the sound of me ripping open an envelope … but I couldn’t work out what that would sound like in words and gave up surprisingly quickly)

Oooh, fancy that! My first ever residuals statement!

It appears the Dutch have been exposed to The Wrong Door; and – given the lack of angry swearing hurled in my general direction – they either liked it, didn’t watch it or feel less inclined to proffer death threats merely because they didn’t find a TV programme funny.

I’ve always liked the Dutch. Very tall, nice and polite.

Oh, it’s also been sold to a TRAPPED AUDIENCE.


What the fuck does that mean? I presume they haven’t locked a group of people in a room and forced them to empty their pockets whilst the Smutty Aliens plays on a continuous loop? Or maybe they have? I’ve always thought there was something sinister about the BBC.

Unlike the lovely, non-death-threat-emailing  Dutch.

Well, well, well, unexpected money –  whatever shall I spend it on?

Hmm … if I added a tenner of my own money I could probably afford a DVD … if it was on sale. Happy days!

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7 thoughts on “The BBC, the Dutch and an unexpected pittance

  1. That DVD? Would it be one from the BBC?

  2. If you like. Why? Do you have a suggestion?

  3. Add an extra £10 of your own money. 😉

  4. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Residuals! Cool!! One of my goals in life is residuals.
    … I’d better get writing then.

  5. Happy Days is on DVD??? Where? Where?

    Oh yeah, good news. Your plan to take over the world has started. Mwahahaha.

  6. It won’t be the Being Human DVD, that’s for sure. £25 quid they want for that. For six episodes. The cheek!

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