Mellow greetings

I was going to write a very angry post today about Directors and their inability to be decent fucking human beings … but then I thought again.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Surely I’m about due for an ill advised, ill thought out and mostly untrue sweary rant? I mean, it is almost Christmas after all.

Well, because I spent all day yesterday working on the third draft of a treatment for a feature project I’m really excited about and (once the inital ranting about nonsensical notes has abated) am getting more excited about with each successive draft; I’ve just finished a very leisurely and rather lavish breakfast which included lashings of tea; I’m spending this morning knocking out a few sketches for another feature film’s website; this afternoon I’m looking at ideas for a series of webisodes to promote a third feature film and tomorrow I’m running through an ADR list and suggesting final dialogue for a stupendously exciting feature film which might actually be finished any year now!

On top of that, this is the current view from my window:


And this is waiting for me as a treat on Sunday:

So today, I don’t really feel much like ranting. I mean, come on – does life ever get any better than this:


I think not. No rants today.

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4 thoughts on “Mellow greetings

  1. Hey! I’ve got that lighthouse-and-palmtrees poster stapled to the inside of my study window too. It’s always fooling visitors.

    • I find it best to flash the lights on and off and play some weird sound effects as they walk in – in the hope of tricking them into thinking there’s been some kind of rip in the time/space continuum at precisely the same moment they walked through the door.

  2. Well, the weather here is lovely, too! Just coming in to the “wrath-of-god” season. 😉

    We haven’t flooded, yet. 🙂 I guess that’s a bonus.

    Enjoy it when you get back. *evil laughter*

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