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Hmm …

There’s something going on, god damn it!

What is it? What’s happening?

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Um … what?


Do what now?

Who the fuck is Lee Hupfield?

When did all this happen? What the fuck is going on?

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How was your weekend?

Mine was fairly average, I spent it in a fabulous house on Anglesey (which may or may not have some connection to St Seiriol) with a Lord who taught me how to con money out of people on the Waltzers and a young woman who tries to bring helicopters down by hitting golf balls at them (but is considering giving it up because she almost hit a car and feels that’s a bit dangerous), working out a plan to invade the Falklands as the first step towards exploiting the untapped mineral wealth of Antarctica.

Oh, and William Wordsworth’s great-granddaughter served us dinner.

Fairly run of the mill, really.

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Behind the scenes – Ciaran Griffiths

And Ciaran Griffiths:

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Behind the scenes – Alice Barry

Wait, there’s more Just for the Record goodness … Alice Barry:

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Writers’ social

The inestimable Piers and the ‘I’ve only met her twice, she seems lovely but I hate to make snap decisions’ Sara Baroni are holding a Writers’ Social on the 18th of March.

If you’re a writer, thinking of becoming a writer or just want to talk to/seduce/throw stuff at other writers, then why not come along?

Full(ish) details are on Piers’ blog, but the essence is:

Knights Templar in Chancery Lane on the evening of Thursday 18th March 2010. 7pm till closing; all welcome.”

I’m assuming that’s in London since that’s where Piers lives and only people who live in London think they can provide an address without mentioning the city – after all, there aren’t any proper settlements beyond the M25, are there? I mean, only a fool would want to live somewhere where the air is clean, everything’s a third of the price, the people are friendly, shop assistants/waiters/bus drivers speak English and you can drive and/or walk from place to place with relative ease.

No, no, London is the place to be! It’s packed full of exciting stuff you can’t afford to do.

Sorry, I got side-tracked there for a moment.

Where was I before the pointless tirade about something I don’t actually believe?

Oh yes, Writers’ Social. Will I see you there?

I’ll be there. Probably. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

Or not.

Depends on your point of view.

I’m going to go now.

Not to the Writers’ Social – that would be silly, since it doesn’t start for over a month … and I seem to be somewhere in America. Actually, if anyone can identify my location from this photo:

I’d be extremely grateful.

See you (maybe) on the 18th.

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Just for the Record – Metrodome

Now this has got to be good news, right?


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Behind the scenes – Danny Dyer

And Danny Dyer

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Behind the scenes – Calum McNab

And Calum McNab

… anyone else getting bored of these?

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Behind the scenes – Geoff Bell

And Geoff Bell

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