Behind the scenes – Sean Pertwee

Ooh, a behind the scenes/sneak peak interview with Sean Pertwee on Just for the Record:

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4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes – Sean Pertwee

  1. Sean Pertwee says it’s “an honour”.

    ‘Scuse me while I turn green with envy.

    Right, that’s it! Screw being ill, ignore my brain being a puddle on the floor, forget my inability to form a coherent sentance. BACK TO WRITING!

  2. Do you have a release date yet? Or is that far too much to ask for?

  3. The problem with trying to write when my brain is a puddle on the floor is that I tend to comeuup with surreal and inappropriate stories … in this instance about a cuddly caterpillar called Herbert, who accidentally eats a slug pellet and goes on a cabbage rape and murder spree of an epic scale, only to wake from is homicidal hallucinations to realise he has wiped out his vegetable patch the night before he is throwing a big party for all his caterpillar friends and now has nothing to feed them, so he’ll have to go to Asda to get replacement vegetables.
    Which is all very well, but should not be written in the middle of a science fiction horror film that is set in deep space. … Unless perhaps your name is Terry Gilliam and thus have Python credentials.

    Highlight pages. Hit delete.

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