Writers’ social

The inestimable Piers and the ‘I’ve only met her twice, she seems lovely but I hate to make snap decisions’ Sara Baroni are holding a Writers’ Social on the 18th of March.

If you’re a writer, thinking of becoming a writer or just want to talk to/seduce/throw stuff at other writers, then why not come along?

Full(ish) details are on Piers’ blog, but the essence is:

Knights Templar in Chancery Lane on the evening of Thursday 18th March 2010. 7pm till closing; all welcome.”

I’m assuming that’s in London since that’s where Piers lives and only people who live in London think they can provide an address without mentioning the city – after all, there aren’t any proper settlements beyond the M25, are there? I mean, only a fool would want to live somewhere where the air is clean, everything’s a third of the price, the people are friendly, shop assistants/waiters/bus drivers speak English and you can drive and/or walk from place to place with relative ease.

No, no, London is the place to be! It’s packed full of exciting stuff you can’t afford to do.

Sorry, I got side-tracked there for a moment.

Where was I before the pointless tirade about something I don’t actually believe?

Oh yes, Writers’ Social. Will I see you there?

I’ll be there. Probably. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

Or not.

Depends on your point of view.

I’m going to go now.

Not to the Writers’ Social – that would be silly, since it doesn’t start for over a month … and I seem to be somewhere in America. Actually, if anyone can identify my location from this photo:

I’d be extremely grateful.

See you (maybe) on the 18th.

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5 thoughts on “Writers’ social

  1. Well, the hotel’s on West Kennedy. How was the pool?

  2. Looks very swish. I expect you can’t even hear the planes taking off and landing?

    … “Park and Cruise special offer” – is that a park the Jet, then cruise the boulevard in your limo offer, or what?

    Scuse me while I’m sick.


  3. Did you check out Shula’s Steak House?

  4. Best eggs benedict in … Well, that hotel, I guess.

    Didn’t really think that through.

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