I’m not convinced.

I mean I can see it, I know it’s different to a 2D film … I’m just not convinced it actually adds anything to the proceedings.

So far I’ve seen three of the new generation of 3D films UP, AVATAR and ALICE IN WONDERLAND*. UP I saw twice, once in 3D and once in 2D and I can’t honestly say it made a difference to how awesome it is. AVATAR I spent half the film (which is a looooong fucking time) opening and closing one eye, just to see if I cared.

I didn’t.

I quite like 3D in theme parks, but even then most of the rides have moved on to spraying water at you and having things crawl over your legs. For a three minute ride, 3D is exciting and cool (ish), for an hour and a half to three hours it’s a bit fucking dull. After a couple of minutes or so of  being impressed, my mind just seems to blot it out and it all goes back to 2D.

I just don’t really see the point of it, especially since I now have to wear glasses for the cinema. 3D just means having to wear two pairs of glasses – which feels very silly. I don’t know what I’m expecting really, I guess I wanted a significantly enhanced cinema experience … but I just don’t think it is.

Mind you, I don’t really see the point of HD TV either; but that;s probably because I can’t be bothered wearing glasses at home and everything remains vaguely blurry no matter what the resolution.

3D – does it excite you?


* Christ, what a mess. When was that supposed to be set? Bonkers? That’ll be post-Second World War then? No wait, they seem to be wearing American clothes from the 19th Century, but talking with English accents. Plus it seems to flick between Alice in Wonderland, Hook and The Wizard of Oz for no particular reason. Does anyone know what type of story they want to tell? And I couldn’t understand a fucking word Johnny Depp says. And what exactly were the rules concerning shrinking/expanding dresses – they did or didn’t depending on how little attention anyone was paying? Mandy pretty much summed it up afterwards:

Why didn’t they tell us she needed the Jaberwocky’s venom to get home? At least then she’d have something to do.”

I know ‘it was all a dream’ has become a cliché but it’s a million times better than the main character being convinced everything is a dream until the last ten minutes. It’s a really odd choice to have a character walking around going:

“None of this is real, nothing that happens matters, I don’t really care what happens to me or anyone else.”


I’m very probably wrong about this, since I know fuck all about clothes – they just didn’t look very Victorian to my ill informed eyes.

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6 thoughts on “3D

  1. Sally A

    Re. Alice I’d also add in that it was very Narnia inspired. There was some colossally bad acting in it too. And not just from the Deppster. Two words…. “oh dear”.

  2. Can’t comment on Alice. Haven’t seen it yet. And when I do, it’ll be dubbed into Italian, so that’ll make it even more annoying.

    RE: the 3D Experience – Couldn’t agree more. It didn’t ADD anything. The only film I’ve seen in 3D was Avatar and, apart from the fact that the story was, at best, ok (and that’s been generous) the only other thing it had going for it was that it looked great. And at times beautiful. But even there, I’m not that it looked any better just cause it was in 3D.

    And I also had the irritating “I’m wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time and I just… don’t want to, thanks. But I have to, cause if I don’t the picture is weird. So. Thanks for that.”

    And allllsooo… I kept having to take the glasses off and check, well, if they were working. I kept thinking, “Is that it? Is that the full 3D effect?” I wasn’t impressed. I thought it would jump out at me more. But then, I’m just greedy…

  3. terraling

    I seldom have anything to say on my little blog, but seeing Avatar did get me thinking about 3D, and about how when it evolves from third-person 3D into first-person 3D it might be worth watching: http://terraling.wordpress.com/2009/12/24/avatar-third-person-3d/

  4. I didn’t know you had a blog! I’m going straight over there right now. Only to leave rude comments, you understand.

  5. Well.

    I think we all know what I think.

    Hmpf, etc.

  6. Rozzie

    I’ve only seen Avatar out of these three. I loved it. The 3D was barely there – but that was a good thing. It added a richness to the images. And I couldn’t have coped with the mega intense depth of field (is that the right term?) you get with with some, more stock, 3D. For instance, I had to walk out of a 3D Titanic documentary at the Science Museum because I felt sick.

    Well. It has its place. But I’m not sure it’s the next big thing.

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