Tens and ones

‘Just for the Record’ is out on DVD tomorrow, but already nine people have voted on IMDb.

Ah, IMDb, the battleground of fragile egos.

Given that no one has really seen the film yet except for the premiere (and the cinema release – which I think we can safely assume no one saw) then where do these nine people come from?

Well, let’s have a look. 4 people have voted 10 out of 10, 4 people have voted 1 out 0f 10 (small difference of opinion there?) and 1 person voted 8 out of 10.

Let’s break that down and compare it to some other films. How many films score 10 out of 10? Not many, at least not in my book. I thought ‘Kick Ass‘ was fucking awesome, but I wouldn’t give it 10 out of 10. But then, maybe I just don’t give 10 out of 10 on principle? How can anything be perfect?

I think we can make an educated guess here and say, fairly confidently, that those four people are involved with the production in some way.

I wish people wouldn’t do that, it’s just embarrassing and blatantly obvious. It gets far worse when people make up aliases and write a glowing  paragraph or so and then give themselves 10 out of 10.

One guy I know got so defensive, over what most people agreed was a distinctly mediocre film, he created no less than 14 fake identities and completely took over the message board for his film. 14 voices clamouring about how amazing the film was … all of whom hadn’t posted on any other film, but felt so strongly about this middling D2DVD movie that they just had to speak out.

Uh-huh, right.

Similarly, how many films are so bad they warrant 1 out of 10? I mean, come on, I’ve seen some fucking awful films, ‘Mutant on the Bounty‘, ‘Gator Bait‘, ‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clowns‘ but even they merit more than 1 out of 10.

Except, maybe, ‘Gator Bait’.

1 out of 10’ers on a big budget movie are probably just aggrieved Internet loons. 1 out of 10’ers on a low budget movie more than likely have an axe to grind. On ‘Just for the Record’ it’s probably one of the producers or directors who seem insanely convinced the characters are based on them – despite not actually having seen the film.

By the way, the characters are all stereotypical idiots, if you recognise yourself in them … guess what that makes you? Yep, not as special or unique as you believe you are.

Of course, it could be a crew member who didn’t get paid what they think they’re worth or felt they were slighted during the shoot in some way. Then again, it could be someone who’s taken offense with someone who worked on the production. I know a guy who votes down a particular actor’s work simply because they were at school together and … something, something, something. I never did find out exactly what the problem is.

Similarly, there are friends and family of certain people who take a healthy interest in their career and automatically vote 10 for every film they lit/did the make-up/served tea on.

In other words, it’s all a bit pointless really. Or at least, it is on low budget stuff which only has a small audience. On a big studio release where thousands of people vote it tends to even out, but on a film of this type? Best just to ignore it.

Still, there is that one 8 out of 10 … who the hell was that?

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One thought on “Tens and ones

  1. helensmith

    Congratulations on the release of the DVD – very exciting. As for the comments, the same thing happens for books. All the five star reviews on Amazon are likely to be from friends and family.

    Someone I don’t know gave me five stars in a customer review for my first book and when I contacted him to thank him, I mentioned that I thought five stars looked phoney. So he have me four stars for the next one and… I don’t know. I ought to have been happier about it.

    Looking forward to ‘Just for the Record’ anyway. I’m sure it merits 8 stars at least.

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