Thank you

… to everyone who’s emailed with polite, supportive comments about ‘Just for the Record‘. That’s jolly nice of you and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Obviously, I can’t take any credit for anything you liked in the film – that privilege is reserved for either director, Steve Lawson, or the specific performers; but on the off-chance the bit you liked was in some way connected to the script I wrote – I’ll bask in that little glow.

That’s not to say the happenings on screen bear little or no resemblance to the script – far from it. In fact, I’d say 90 odd percent of what’s there comes from my script – but obviously anything you write is made or killed by the performances, the editing, the direction … a whole myriad of stuff.

Crap scripts make good films, good scripts make crap films and all possible variations of in-between.

The bottom line, at the end of the day, when all’s said and done is I’m touched by how supportive you lot have been. It’s great you’ve gone out of your way to buy/rent the film and that alone is heartwarming and deserves a thank you.

Whether you enjoyed it or not is a secondary issue, but if you did (assuming you’re not lying in an unsolicited email for no personal gain) then all the better.

Buy yourself a drink, on me*.


* Reimbursement for any drinks bought as a result of this statement will only be honoured if the receipt is submitted in person, at my home address, in fancy dress and signed by Jesus.

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10 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Wanna see it!!! Is it coming out in Italy??? Anyway, going home to Ireland next week so will rent it then!

  2. I think you’re doing yourself a disservice – without you they wouldn’t have had anything to work with.

    Mine’s a fresh orange juice.

    • Yeah, that’s true – but ultimately a compliment or complaint about the film is not necessarily a compliment or complaint about the script.

      The quality of my work remains the same, irrespective of the quality of the film. If my script’s shit and the film’s great – they aren’t necessarily connected. A shit script will be still be shit no matter how many plaudits a film gathers.

      And vice versa, obviously. If you write a great script and someone makes a bad film/TV show/play out of it – your work still stands. It’s still a great script.

      I’m very quick to blame others for making a pigs arse out of my work, I just think I should be equally quick to deflect credit.

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  4. Mine’s a homemade mug of coffee. But thanks for offering anyway! 😉

  5. Hello The Jobbing Scriptwriter, I have a shower chair to sell. Know, on the off chance, of anyone who might need one? Do you?

  6. Hi Phil, get your money ready!
    My mate Jesus (from Brazil) and I will drop the receipts round tonight at 8, dressed as the Blues Brothers…

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