Stranger than fiction

So here I am, desperately trying to dream up the impossible … and I can’t concentrate because immediately outside my window there are two Jamaicans arguing about the best way to spray paint an artificial elephant.

I shit you not.

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4 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction

  1. Helen Smith

    Did they agree on the best way to do it? Because that sort of thing can be useful to know.

    • No. Originally there were four men arguing – two in shirts and two in boilersuit type things.

      The boilersuits got pissed off and left, presumably because the shirts had no fucking idea how to spray paint an artifical elephant and their ideas were just crazy.

      The two shirts continued their ill-informed argument for a while until, sadly, a mild hurricane arrived and blew the elephant away.

      And that was pretty much that.

  2. Julia Barton

    And there were absolutely no blind people in the vicinity?

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