LVJ – First Look

LVJ, the film that just won’t die, has a shiny new website and an even shinier new documentary video:

If you look really, really closely you’ll notice I’m not fucking in it.

At all.

Despite dragging my fever-ridden carcass all the way to the production office and talking to a wall for an hour and a half.

They have assured me my absence is nothing to do with being ginger or unaccountably shit. Personally I think they were just blown away by the ‘choices’ I made on the day. I figured the character of ‘Phillip Barron’ probably wears an eyepatch, speaks with a lisp and masturbates furiously.

Apparently that doesn’t fit in with the image of the film.

It’s this kind of narrow-minded lack of vision which has led the British film industry to the poor state it’s in today.


Anyway …

Ooh look! A shiny video!

(This one is the same as the one above … don’t watch both, that would just be silly.)

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6 thoughts on “LVJ – First Look

  1. It looks great!

    At least you’re credited … and they’re probably saving the really good stuff for the DVD extras. 😉

    Any idea how many more years before it’s available to watch?

  2. Looking forward to watching this.

  3. ‘Sup. For some reason your RSS feed has turned into the standard WordPress updates blog…

  4. Funny, I read that line as “I’m not fucking (as in sexual intercourse) in it..” leading me to wonder what other types of documentaries you’ve been in…

  5. Phil’s absence in this doc has nothing to do with his hair colour I can promise you! We were going to offer to release it in black and white if it made him feel better. The eyepatch and self abuse didn’t affect our editing choices, nor the lack of pants throughout the interview,

    We are actually putting all of his contributions into seperate videos dealing more in deptth with the characters and story as well as the upcoming webshow. They wil be uo in a few weeks. Plus you’re right Eleanorit’s all going in a big documentary as an extra.

    I doubt the film would have been possible without Phil, certainly wouldn’t be as funny. He’s a huge part of the LVJ family and despite being a twisted and deeply “unique” individual we’re really happy to have him back for the webshow…what were we thinking?

    Thanks for the comments on the movie, always appreciated when people take the time to check it out, The finished film ain’t far away, definitely not years.

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