Shill Barron

As you may or may not have guessed, I’m quite happy to promote or endorse pretty much anything people send me. Not because I get paid and not because I get free stuff (although that’s always nice) but mainly because I’m too busy to blog (nine features and a web series at the moment) yet feel a constant nagging guilt if I don’t post more than once a week or so.

So when someone emails me and asks if I can spread the word about something or other, my answer is an immediate ‘thank fuck for that’. I suppose I should vet some of these, or even read them, but that defeats the object of fobbing people off with stuff which takes no thought/time/effort.

With that in mind, apparently:

Alex Merkin to Judge Short Screenplay Competition on Circalit

3rd August, 2010 – Circalit, the premier social networking site for screenwriters have teamed up with Alex Merkin to offer screenwriters the chance to get read and reviewed by Alex Merkin. Alex rose to fame in 2006 after directing critically acclaimed short film “Across the Hall” starring Adrian Grenier, which he later made into a feature film with Brittany Murphy and Mike Vogel. A positive review by Alex, could give your screenplay unprecedented exposure and invaluable feedback. Circalit is proud to have Alex on board as a guest reviewer, and encourages all writers to enter the competition by visiting: to take advantage of this free opportunity.


Make of that what you will.

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2 thoughts on “Shill Barron

  1. Nine features? Bloody hell, I feel like a right slacker.

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