Admit the truth

That was the title of a random email from someone identified only as Adam. There were no other words, just a single picture:

Oh good, religious spam.

I know the intention is to show how slick and simple Macs are and how complicated, clunky and unreliable PCs are, presumably in an attempt to get me to admit the error of my ways and accept Steve Jobs as the saviour of mankind … but let’s take a closer look.

Both cars have obviously broken down, they’re stationary with the bonnets up.

The PC engine is a complete mess, bits are disconnected, possibly broken, probably cheaply made and not designed to work together, but they are at least identifiable. You can point at each part and say what it should be doing, how and why.

The Mac has nothing recognisable under the bonnet except for one switch, which, inexplicably, hasn’t been mounted inside the car where it would be useful; but at least Mac guy won’t get his spiffy branded clothes dirty.

The PC guy is confused and harried, his car doesn’t work and he’s desperate to fix it. Sooner or later, given enough time, knowledge and skill, he will get his car going. It’s messy, it might take a while but he’s at least got a chance of getting there in the end.

The Mac guy makes no attempt to fix his car and instead opts for the traditional smug grin. He drives a Mac and Macs never break down. The switch is in the on position therefore it’s working perfectly. The fact the car isn’t moving is neither here nor there. Well, okay it is, it’s here; but nobody really wants to drive a car from here to there anyway. That’s not what cars are for …

Until Apple tell him that’s what he wants and release a car which can do that. At which point he’ll be amazed at how Apple have invented this wonderful new technology of a car which moves, an innovation he didn’t even know he wanted.

Meanwhile, both of their wives have slipped off and taken the opportunity to fuck someone more interesting because, let’s face it, computers are fucking boring all the time – no matter how shiny or colour coordinated they are.

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6 thoughts on “Admit the truth

  1. I love this….he’ll probably tell you that in fact his macmobile hasn’t in fact broken down…it just is unable to move or start. Even then he’ll point out that’s nothing like when a wincar breaks down, and then he’ll call a machanic genius who will charge him an arm and a leg to push the on switch.

    Looking forward to the backlash of comments on this blog mate ! Very funny though and worth the death threats. I love macs but they are all just computers designed to drive us nuts ….”how amazed he will be when mac announce they invented the car”…LOL. I almost spat my beer out when my girlfriend pointed out this amazing advert showing the revolutionary new apple tech called “cut and paste”, I don’t know they dream this future tech up.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. This is wildly inaccurate. You wouldn’t even be able to open the boot of a Macmobile.

  3. Or bonnet. Whatever.

  4. Dave Robson

    Yawn, did someone mention Apple!

  5. It’s high time someone added a new vehicle to this two horse race. One that is affordable to all, does the basics that you need it to, is simple enough to be reliable and cheap to repair and available in just one colour. It worked for Henry Ford.

    And I should like to add that until someone can convince me that I actually need an iPhone, Mac or iPod I will resist the urge to buy a new shiny thing just because I want to keep up with the Jones’. A brief look at the top 50 ‘apps’ being sold will reveal that atleast 45 of them serve no purpose other than to waste the users time, in much the same way a rattle bemuses a baby. I have ‘played’ with the iPads and iPhones of friends and discovered that they offered me very little that I couldn’t acheive with a basic computer or a paper and pen even. ‘But look!, there’s an app that means I can use my phone as a spirit level!’. Fucking hell.

  6. Or you can go to the tool cupboard and get a real spirit level – that doesn’t try to ring while you’re measuring stuff! 😉

    I was chatting to someone yesterday about the iPad, or to be more precise they were drooling over this shiny new tool and what it could do – they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t utterly excited and creaming my pants over it. YAWN.

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