What’s wrong with this picture?

Click this one, make it bigger. Go on, we’ll all wait for you.

What do you notice? Anything odd?

Apart from me being the star.

I’ll give you a clue … no I won’t, I’ll just fucking tell you. I’m bored of this game already.

12 new from £10.65          2 used from £19.99

Apparently, right now, you can buy a brand new copy of The Wrong Door for £10.65 and then sell it immediately for £19.99! You can make … um … carry the one … hang on, I need some more fingers … nine pounds and thirty-four shiny pence profit from each and every DVD!

Buy ten DVDs and you’ve made ninety-odd quid. Buy a hundred and you’re nine-hundred pounds up on the deal. Buy a million and the mind boggles!

That’s right, buying some toss I wrote (a bit of) will actually make you rich!

What’s more, if you buy a million Wrong Door DVDs and become fabulous wealthy, with my royalties I’ll be able to afford to buy a copy for myself!

It’s win/win, no one loses and everyone’s happy!

Or it could just be a mistake, I’m not sure.

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3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. ben wheatley

    shhhh its how the uk is going to climb out of the recession

  2. mandy

    ha ha ha all I noticed was you as an actor, hahaha how funny, had to read the whole blog then have a look at what you’re talking about, I might buy some xx

  3. At least they got the Director right.

    Ooh! I must go advertise my shiny virtually new copy for sale – I knew there was a way to make money from this writing lark: Sell all your leisure and research materials!

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