Roger & Val Have Just Got In

Have you been watching this? I think it’s excellent, I really, really like it.

Which is odd, because there’s little nudity and so far nothing’s blown up or turned into a giant robot.

Still, it’s good. I mean, superbly good and well worth the watch.

Although, possibly this post should have been a few weeks earlier so you could actually act on the recommendation. Never mind, since I’m always the last to the party, I imagine you lot have all been quietly loving it for weeks now.

Um … that’s kind of it, really. I like it, hope you do too.

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10 thoughts on “Roger & Val Have Just Got In

  1. Lee

    I do! I think it’s ace.

  2. Yes. Yes I do.

  3. T J Williams

    All episodes are currently available on the iPlayer and the last one is on tonight.

    I don’t normally pimp programmes like this but it is truly remarkable. In a very small scale kind of way.

    You watch episode one and smile a bit, laugh out loud just once but a few things make you think “I’ll give it another go because that thing in the background must have meant something”.

    And it does.

    The show could have gone so horribly wrong – this is just perfectly executed telly.

  4. iPlayer? That’ll be on the Beeb then.
    You are not always last to the party. I reserve the honour of battling you for that place!

  5. Alfred Molina? On the BBC?
    Why did no one say? – You bastards!

    Him and Dawn French? It’s genius.
    Thanks for the heads-up Phil.

  6. What?

    I’ve been writing.

  7. I’ve been watching it too. Brilliant. So simple, beautifully written and acted and somehow very British. I mean the Americans do these whip smart comedies packed with jokes and the good ones are dazzling, but there’s something rather lovely about a small, detailed comedy, with forensic observation.

  8. Just finished watching the series. Perfection. Very glad I caught it before it was taken off iPlayer.

    Thank you.

  9. T J Williams

    I think it’s coming off iPlayer because the DVD is coming out. I may have to buy this.

    I am pimping this thing like I had something to do with it (which, sadly, I didn’t). Impeccable television.

  10. Eleanor

    Darn it Phill, I know too many people who pronounce their name the same way as you, and yet spell it with only the one ‘l’ – sorry, I got confused. Which is no excuse.
    I shall now go and bash my head into the wall (some more) in lieu of writing.
    Alright, alright! I admit it I’m procrastinating. And apologizing.
    But, I’m mainly apologizing.

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