Up ‘n’ Under

I went to the theatre last night.

This in itself is rather odd behaviour since, as previously mentioned, I tend to have a limited attention span for things which don’t explode fairly quickly and theatre rarely blows up or gets invaded by giant robots.

Last night was no exception since the stage steadfastly refused to combust and none of the cast bore even the slightest hint of roboticism. However, it turns out that’s sometimes a good thing and leads to a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The play in question was ‘Up ‘n’ Under’ starring Abi Titmuss, who was great, and some other people whose names are on the flyer in the other room. You know, the room I can’t be arsed to walk to. They were great too. In fact, if you live anywhere near Eastbourne, I’d highly recommend it. If for nothing else but for seeing a seven a side rugby match awesomely represented on stage by only six actors.

Of course, yet again, this recommendation would be more useful if it came at the beginning of the play’s run rather than at the end, but there you go – that’s just how useless I am. I think it’s going to Malvern next – does that help?

Anyway, I enjoyed it and felt like mentioning it.

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