How many Big Ideas?

So this may be a bit of a pointless post, given everyone who normally comments here is probably at the London Screenwriters’ Festival and far too drunk to read; but I’m curious – how many people entered Shine‘s Big Idea competition?

I entered around tea-time (dinner time if you’re born in the South of England) on the 28th and my last entry number was 85448- this has got me (and a few others) wondering … does that mean there are around 85,000 entries?

Or is the 8 added to everyone’s entry?

That still leaves 5,000 plus – which seems a lot.

I guess what I’m looking for is someone who entered very early and someone who entered right up against the deadline. If you exist and you’re reading this (and you can be arsed)  then maybe you can post your numbers in the comments and we can figure out roughly how tough the competition is?

Assuming, that is, they haven’t already posted the number on their website by the time this post hits the blog. In which case, just post some abuse.

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10 thoughts on “How many Big Ideas?

  1. I’m thinking a couple of thousand. Don’t forget people can enter more than one category.

    • Most people I’ve spoken to seem to have entered 2 or 3 times, not heard from anyone yet who entered 4 times.

      Mind you, since it’s the ideas which are competing and not necessarily the writers at this stage, the 5000+ might well be the competitve figure.

  2. The highest number I’ve been told so far (via email – he’s shy) is just under 86000. Any advances on that?

    What about the other end? Who was the first person to submit? The lowest so far seems to be 82000-odd.

  3. I entered twice on the 23rd and got just over 84000 both times. I’m hoping you put all this data into a spreadsheet and produce an incredibly useful and informative graph. Maybe a pie chart?

  4. Yes! I want graphs!

    85352 on 28 October.

  5. Michael Cook

    85798 on the 29th.

    • The highest so far.

      • Michael Cook

        It’s a sign, I tell you!

        Either they have extremely hi-tech email software that is able to scan the contents of a message, ascertain the quality of its potential filmic content, and give it a score based on how fucking great it is…

        Or, I like to leave it late

  6. Bear in mind that most people probably entered four times. Given my various entry numbers and the time I submitted them, I reckon they were coming in at a rate of about one a minute. So that’s a lot of competition.

  7. I’m still at the festival, can someone get me?

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