Go get grubby

Is it wrong to be unreasonably attracted to Dirt Girl? Or Dirty Girl as Alice calls her:

Come on, look at her. Look at those come to bed eyes and that flirty smile. And check out her singing voice:


“Come on outside, there’s a million grubby things that we can do.”

“… because my favourite thing, I’ve found; is when I get grubby.”

You filthy bitch.

If I were a different type of father, I’d probably be outraged at the level of smut and innuendo my darling two year-old is being exposed to.

But I’m not. So I’ll just sit back and enjoy said filth.

Dirt Girl. Look at her. She wants me.


Um … this is a filler post in case I’m too busy to actually write something new. It’s 2009 here, what time is it there?

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3 thoughts on “Go get grubby

  1. I love dirt girl too, it’s that mouth and voice, corrrrrrrrrr!!! When I told my wife she said I was weird.


    Bo on the Go is where it’s at. BOO-YAKKA-SHAH

  3. Jesse-James

    I thought this to!! but I found the internet is full of moms and dads who think that said Dirty Girl is far to flirty and sexy for a childrens T.V show!

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