I’m tweeting now, or at least giving it a go to see how I get on.

I’m still not sure how I feel about Twitter, since I’m fairly certain you’d have to be seriously deranged to want to hear what I’m up to on a daily basis; but then, I thought that about blogging and people seem to keep coming back, so …

Well let’s see what happens.

My plan is to get completely obsessed for a month or so, to the point where every waking moment is spent checking and re-checking Twitter until Mandy gets really upset with me and refuses to pander to my pitifully repetitive and brief sexual needs.

Then I’ll probably tweet in secret for a week or two, just until I get fed up with sneaking my phone into the freezing bathroom at 4 am and lose interest in the whole thing.

After that I’ll tweet once a month or so until even I begin to hate hearing about my incredibly dull life and pointless opinions, then I’ll probably give up.

If you fancy joining me on this journey of banality, you can follow me here: @phillbarron

It won’t be interesting, fun or informative … in fact, if I were you I’d go and follow someone else. Go on, sling your bloody hook. Try following Arnopp – he’s drying dishes in space.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. You don’t want to follow that Arnopp bloke! He’s rubbish! (Just JOKING!!!)
    Welcome to Twitter by the way. Tis wonderfully smashing and fantastically silly! (@dozeymagz)- Avoid me at all costs. Unless you like tea.

  2. Everyone likes tea. Surely.

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