Persona – an uncertain number of days to go!

What’s this? Uncertain?

They aren’t I am. I know it’s starting on Saturday; but how many days is that from now?


That makes sense, it’s the ninth today so 12 minus 9 = 3.

I think.

… checks on calculator …

Yes. 3.

Although – today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday – that’s four days to go.

Does today still count as a day? Or do you just count tomorrow, Friday and Saturday?

Or just tomorrow and Friday?

Life is so confusing!

Regardless, Persona (the world’s first continuing drama series created exclusively for smartphones – try to keep up people) starts this Saturday – 12th February 2011.

For a measly £1.50 you get a whole year’s worth of appisodes. A whole year! 365 appisodes for £1.50! That’s …

… checks calculator …

£907.43 per appisode!

No, that can’t be right. Which one’s the divide button?

0.41 of a pence per appisode.

.41! That’s got to be worth a punt, surely?

You can get all the latest Persona news here:!/Persona.App.Media

Or follow and discuss the characters on Twitter here: @persona_gossip

I’m quite giddy with excitement.

Or is it sunstroke?

Who knows? Check out the latest BTS footage while I go and have a lie down.

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