I want to give you £25

Honest, I do.

No, really. And this isn’t to just one of you, this is an offer open to everyone who does or even doesn’t read this blog.

Okay, so there are a few provisos.

  1. Nudity
  2. Only kidding about number 1 *

This is the deal, the London Comedy Writers’ Festival is around the corner (April 9th and 10th, to be exact) and if you still haven’t bought a ticket (why not?) then you may be looking at the £149 price tag and quaking in fear.

Or trepidation at the very least.

£149 is not a lot of money for two days of Comedy Writing goodness; but it is quite a lot of money for you personally to stump up, I get that. Honest.

Some of you may have looked around and realised a plethora of bloggers are offering you a £25 discount, bringing the ticket price down to £124. Which is a good deal.

The more discerning and caring among you may even be looking at Michelle Lipton’s excellent blog in which she outlines the mechanics of the discounts (the blogger concerned gets paid £25 for every ticket they sell using their discount code) and has pledged to give her money to Comic Relief; which, let’s face it, is a lovely thing to do and anyone who hasn’t already bought a ticket should immediately buy one using her discount code of: michellelipton

For those of you who still feel £124 is too rich for your blood, then here’s where my offer comes in. Buy your ticket from me, using my discount code, and I will give YOU the £25 back. That means you only pay £99 for your ticket.

Basically, it works like this:

  1. Buy your ticket from this link. Use discount code JobbingScriptwriter and pay your £124.
  2. Send me an email (phill@phillipbarron.co.uk) telling me you’ve done it and include your home address.
  3. Attend the festival, laugh, learn from and mingle with your comedy heroes.
  4. After the festival, I get sent a list of who bought a ticket using my code and £25 per person. Upon receipt, I immediately send you a cheque for £25.
  5. Cash the cheque.
  6. Blow the cash on booze.

And that’s pretty much it.

Why am I doing this? Well, because I don’t agree with making money off my fellow scriptwriters who are trying to learn/get ahead. We’re all in the same boat and I don’t want to be charging people for life jackets.

Some of you may not trust me, and that’s fair enough. I have nothing to offer but a promise made in public and let’s face it you don’t know me from Adam. I can you assure you I am trustworthy (mostly) but if you’re in doubt, wing your way over to Michelle and make some of the world’s poorest children happy.

Alternatively, buy from me, trust you’ll get your £25 and then donate it to a charity of your choice so you can feel all lovely and scrummy inside all by yourself.

It’s up to you; but there’s the offer: buy a £124 ticket from me using discount code ‘JobbingScriptwriter‘ and I will give you £25.

There, doesn’t that sound lovely?

Spread the word.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rub suntan lotion into my bikini-clad wife.

* You can send nude photos of yourself to me if you want, I don’t mind.

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5 thoughts on “I want to give you £25

  1. Michelle’s not the only one donating to Comic Relief instead of taking the money. ‘ScriptAngel’ discount code is doing the same.

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