I’m back!

Actually, I’ve been back for a few days now; but it’s taken me this long to plough through my emails and phone calls and …

No, I’m lying. No one ever emails me and I only missed one phone call from Aunty Susan; and she only rang up to call me names. I just like to sound important in public.

Who missed me? Anyone?

Anyone at all?

Not even you there at the back?

Oh you did? Goodness, thank you.

How was my holiday? Pure erectile awesomeness.

We stayed here:

Did a lot of this:


Went to some places like this:

And saved a third of our plane fare by doing this:

All in all we had a brilliant, relaxing time on a beautiful, sun-filled Greek island surrounded by some lovely people.

I highly recommend it.

The only small issue is I appear to have blown every single penny I own on a week in the sun.


I need cash. Quick. By my reckoning, food is going to get a bit scarce somewhere around the 21st. I need a script I’ve been working on to go into production, like, next week or something. If only such a thing were possible.

Oh wait …

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