Chinese whispers

Somehow, some people seem to have got hold of bits and bobs of information and put them all together in a rather odd shape.

I have a feature script shooting at the moment which I’m not supposed to talk about. True.

Some people seem to think it’s shooting in Croydon, specifically around the Wellesley Road area – which sounds feasible, it wouldn’t be the first script I’ve had shot there; but to be honest, the only location I’d deny shooting in right now is the heart of the Sun. And I wouldn’t even do that in print. Except here. Bugger.

Other people have noted The Dark Knight Rises is shooting in and around that very same location. This is also true.

Some people and other people have gotten their ideas together, forced them to mate and come up with the bastard offspring of an idea that my secret film and The Dark Knight Rises are one and the same … and have decided to spam the hell out of my email address demanding I tell them the truth.

Can I just say, for the record, that I’m not allowed to talk about the film I’ve been working on.

So I’m not.


Accusatory emails from random strangers demanding answers are unlikely to get me to spill the beans, so can we just stop?


Thank you very much.

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One thought on “Chinese whispers

  1. It’s an unfortunate downside of the otherwise friendly nature of social networks 😦 Many people think they have the right to demand answers, which, of course, they do not.
    So, come on people! Give the chap a break! He can’t tell you. Even if you were his bosom buddy! 🙂

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