Free books!

I had a clear out the other day and donated/sold an entire bookshelf’s worth of books … without leaving any space on any shelf in the house afterwards.

Which should tell you how cluttered the bookcases had become.

You see, I’ve always wanted my own library. A private one, obviously. I don’t want the general riff-raff wandering in and getting their grubby claws on them. Something like this would be nice:

Basically, the sort of thing which involves killing a large forest and several cows to make.

In preparation for the glorious opening of my fictional library, I’ve collected a lot of books. Some I’ve bought, some I’ve been given but most I just find lying around on planes and trains … but rarely automobiles. Generally, if you have to smash a window with a brick to ‘find’ a book … best to leave it there.

The upshot of this is a lot of creaking from bowed Ikea bookcases and a hell of a lot of books I will never, ever read. I used to read everything I found, fact or fiction; but then life got in the way. Now, I’m selective and probably worse off for it.

Actually, the penultimate upshot is a boot full of books destined for a charity shop.

The final upshot is an offer to you, yes you!

Among the piles of books by briefly popular crime authors are five scriptwriting books. These ones I have read and they all have something useful to add; but I’ve read them now and aren’t particularly interested in reading them again. I think a few of these may have been review copies, the others I bought; but regardless of their origin, their final destination is in your hands.

Basically, I don’t want these. If you want them, I will post or hand them to you free of charge. The books are, as follows:

And for those of you reading this on something which strips out pictures:

Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder

The Sequence Approach by Paul Joseph Gulino

Writing Drama by Yves Lavandier

Your Screenplay Sucks! by William M. Akers

Celtx: Beginner’s Guide by Ralph Roberts

These are the rules:

  1. The books are free to anyone who leaves a comment on this post saying they want them (unless postage to your country is so expensive it’s cheaper for me to order them for you off Amazon. In which case, you can’t have any).
  2. If only one person wants all five, you can have all five and well done you.
  3. If more than one person wants the same book, then I’ll pick the one I like the best based on how much your comment tickles me or whether I’ve seen you being nice to people on the Internet.
  4. If you want more than one and your first choice isn’t available … don’t fucking cry about it, that’s just life.
  5. If no one wants any of them, they’ll go straight to the charity shop.
  6. I’ll post them when I can be arsed, which will probably be in December.
  7. Probably.
  8. If I forget or change my mind, sorry. I probably won’t.
  9. Probably.
  10. Anything else which gets me out of being held legally responsible for trying to be nice to people who might get shitty and litigious.

So there you go, free stuff. Have at it!

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10 thoughts on “Free books!

  1. Dear Santa,
    Please can I have The Sequence Approach for Christmas? I have been relatively good for some part of the year.
    Yours Rudolphely,
    David Kelleher

  2. sammee78

    ooh ooh ooh pick me pick me! Please may I have Your Screenplay Sucks! Because mine usually do so I need all the help I can get xx

  3. Dear Mr Sir Writer

    I notice you have a copy of a book that would complete my collection. Having already purchased ‘Save The Whale, Save The Dog, Save the Goldfish’ – there’s a theme here – I would obviously like to add Save The Cat to the series.

    Thank you Sir

    PS – I am willing to offer a home to any of the other books that find themselves lonely.

  4. I wouldn’t say no to that Yves Lavandier book if there are no other,
    cheaper, offers?

    What a generous sort you are, I’ve always said so.

    *frenzied deleting of bitchy tweets and blog comments*

  5. Wow, that’s worked out pretty neatly hasn’t it? Unless anyone else has a very strong reason why they should trump these lovely people, I think they win for being keen.

  6. There are never enough bookshelves. Love the private library dream. Leather, wood all of it.

  7. Jonathan Bennett

    After the crushing disappointment of the projector, I couldn’t bring myself to dream that any Barron literary largesse might fall on me…

  8. stephanie rivera

    i would love all of them

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