PERSONA – trailers for season three

Season three of PERSONA launches on the 26th of March with four amazing stories courtesy of John Soanes. Cleo Appolonia, Mandy Lee and Andy Mark Simpson.

To be fair there were some actors and directors and clever technical people involved, but since this is a writing blog I’m just focusing on the writers. Feel free to run your own blog and no mention the departments of your choice.

But hooray! New PERSONA!

And some trailers!








If you’re not already watching, you can download the iPhone app here or the Android app here.

Or if you don’t trust links, try searching for PERSONA DRAMA in either the App Store or the ill-advisedly named  Google Play.

It’s a free app and PERSONA is completely free to watch; although  I don’t seem to be capable of wording this in a way which doesn’t sound suspicious. There’s no cost to you – simply download the app and get 3 minutes a day of dramatic goodness.

You have nothing to lose … except about three minutes a day; but to be fair, you’re exchanging those three minutes of your life for adventure, romance and excitement … so it’s not all bad.

PERSONA – Season three launches 26th of March.

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