London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012 – Cheap Tickets


The world’s biggest professional screenwriters event happens in London at Regent’s College for three days in October every year.

For those serious about their screenwriting career, the London Screenwriters Festival is THE point on the calendar. Three days in October – 26th, 27th & 28th – the industry’s top professionals descend on Regent’s College in London for an intense and immersive set of lectures, seminars, workshops, script pitches and networking opportunities. Whether a experienced screenwriter, or an aspiring one, the London Screenwriters Festival offers unparallelled access to speakers, teachers, show-runners, executives and decision makers from the UK and beyond.

Or so the blurb goes.

You’ve probably noticed people popping up offering you discounted tickets to the festival if you use their code. What you may not know is those same people also get a fee for selling you the ticket. Some people use this money to make short films or as payment for the time they give up tirelessly blogging screenwriting titbits … but I don’t really like making money out of fellow writers.

I’ve said in the past I find it immoral, but I’m not sure I really believe that. I certainly don’t begrudge other bloggers any money that comes their way, no matter what they choose to do with it.

However, I don’t really need the money.

Or I don’t really want it.

Or both.

So you can have it.

Full ticket price is £299.

Affiliate discount, the amount you get off for using a code, is £22.

Affiliates then get £30 as a fee for selling the ticket.

So, buy your tickets from me using the code JOBBINGSCRIPTWRITER and you’ll get the standard £22 off the ticket price; plus, as soon as I’ve received the cashback for selling the tickets, I’ll pass the extra £30 on to you.

That means you can get the tickets for £247 – a massive £52 off.

Okay, so admittedly you’ll have to pay £277 up front and wait for me to get paid so I can give you the other £30 back, but it all works out in the end.

Without doing any research whatsoever, I’m fairly confident this is the cheapest you’ll get tickets anywhere.

But it might not be. Fuck it, do your own research.

However, if you want to take me up on this offer, then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Buy your ticket from this link. Use discount code JOBBINGSCRIPTWRITER and pay your £277.
  2. Send me an email ( telling me you’ve done it and include your home address.
  3. Attend the festival, laugh, learn from and mingle with scriptwriting awesomeness.
  4. About two weeks after the festival, I get sent a list of who bought a ticket using my code and £30 per person. Upon receipt, I immediately send you a cheque for £30.
  5. Cash the cheque.
  6. Blow the cash on fags ‘n’ booze.

And that’s pretty much it.

Like I say, they are other people offering tickets at a discount price and if you like their blog then you should support them. If, however, you’d rather save yourself an extra £30, then I’m your boy.

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7 thoughts on “London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012 – Cheap Tickets

  1. I never did get any gin.

    The code probably doesn’t work any more either.

    [sits back]
    [dreams of eternal, neverending rivers of gin]

  2. The very best of humanity, then. At least, the very best of humanity which are me-shaped and live in my house.

  3. Guys, two of you haven’t emailed me your details – I can’t send the money on if I don’t know who you are. Obviously there’s no immediate rush, but I’ll need to know by about a week after the festival. Come on, claim your cash!

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