New Year's Eve celebrations, London, Britain - 31 Dec 2012

Hooray, it’s January!

2013! A New Year, not like that shitty old one we’ve just abandoned. I mean, sure, it seemed like a lovely shiny year 12 months ago; but frankly I think it hung around just a few weeks too long.

But it’s gone now. Slunk off into the night like a cat who’s shit on your sofa, buried it in cushions and would rather not be around when you wake up.

A New Year; but more importantly, a new January.

I love January, me.

I know it’s not to everyone’s taste. I know some people are broke after Christmas or feeling fat because they ate their entire family’s bodyweight in Quality Street or depressed because it’s a bit gloomy outside …

2013-01-08 15.54.55

And that’s fine. You’re not wrong to feel those things, you have my gracious permission to continue to feel them.

Me, I love this time of year because this is the time of year EVERYONE decides they’re going to change their lives.

New Year, new me.

Or new them.

A new me (them) means making that film or TV show or web show or thought projected psy-porn a reality.

This is the year they’re going to achieve something, this is the year their career is going to erupt in a blaze of awesomeness.

They’re going to make it happen. They’re going to make a difference. They’re going to make manifest their dreams.

Why do I love this?

Well, for one I love it when people are happy and motivated. Even if I don’t really know them that well, I just like to hear that people are trying their hardest and enjoying the process.


More than that though, I love it when people get all fired up because a small portion of them try to hire me.

As a writer for hire, people trying to hire me is a good thing.

January is traditionally the month when my inbox melts down (or merely gets a bit warm) and my phone actually rings (an event so rare I get confused by the noise – I don’t really use my phone for making phone calls any more).

Zombie projects lurch back into life (because THIS is the year), new projects get under way and people get in touch just in case I’ve got something pre-written they can use.

I haven’t, by the way. Or rather, I have; but I don’t like any of them, so you can’t have them.

In the past I’ve said yes to everything I’ve been offered … taken on too much, ended up disappointing at least one or two of them and having a bit of a fizzy meltdown somewhere around July.


The plan this year is not to do that. The plan this year is to be a little more selective and try to maintain at least a tenuous grasp on my sanity.

So hooray for January! Hooray for new projects and new ideas! Hooray for getting your dreams off the ground!

Later we’ll fail, but let’s not think on tomorrow. For now let’s all be productive, enthusiastic and a bit spendy in my general direction.

Happy January!

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