Free stuff!


Some free stuff! Free! It’s all free!

Unless you actually want to pay for it, which you can.

First up:



So I read an earlier version of this book and really liked it. Laurence has a wonderful writing style which, to me, falls squarely into the Douglas Adams/Terry Pratchett/Jasper Fforde camp – which is a fucking great camp to be in. That’s not to say the story is derivative, because it’s not; it’s totally original and very entertaining. If anyone told me my writing reminded them of any one of those writers (let alone all three), I’d be over the fucking moon.

As well as suspicious, they’d plainly be trying to sell me something.

Which Laurence isn’t.

You can download a copy of the book for FREE from its own website here or Smashwords here.

But fuck it, why download it for free when you can actually pay a tiny sum to help support the guy who wrote it?


Go on, be nice – buy it from Amazon here.

Here’s a synopsis to whet your appetite:

Harry Bacon, former head of psychic investigations for the Ministry of Defence, veteran of countless paranormal encounters, is about to do the unthinkable: retire. Then an unexpected message leads him into what could become his greatest – and strangest – case yet, a case whose foundations are inextricably linked to his own past.

Rule Zero is a darkly comic fantasy thriller packed with psychic spies, prescient journalists, contact clairvoyants, repressed supermen, a lethal cocktail waitress and a roving troupe of ape-like security guards.

Britain will never be the same again.

Which leads me onto the second FREE offering, this time from Claire Bott, who, unlike Laurence, I’ve never actually met but she was very polite when she contacted me and I’m a sucker for politeness.

As well as for kittens and large sums of money stuffed into my pants.

cat pants

Actually, you can keep the kittens.

Claire is a script reader who … well, reads scripts, I guess. The important thing here, the crucial element, is she will read your first script for FREE.

Now, I don’t know Claire and I don’t know how good a script reader she is. I haven’t had a script report from her, but I like what she has to say about various films here.

And you know what? Fuck it, it’s FREE. Try her out for yourself.

So there you go, two free things and it’s not even whatever day tomorrow is given I wrote this post a few days ago and can’t remember when I’ve scheduled it to appear.



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